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New Micro-Doc: LA County Sheriff's Air 5

By Mark Mutti on July 25th '22, 2:59pm PT

New micro-doc showing @SEBLASD and ANF responding to a motorcycle accident at Mt. Waterman on Saturday. The rider was alive and in shock, and was transported to the hospital. Full story below.

I crossed paths with two clearly worried people Saturday afternoon at the Chilao Visitor Center parking lot. "Is there anyone inside?", "yes, there are people inside", and off they went. A minute later Nel from the Chilao Visitor Center could be heard over Angeles NF's main radio system, Forest Net, as you hear in the video, after which dispatch contacted LA County and declared an incident to ANF resources. I was headed in that direction to find a campsite for the night, so I stopped by to offer first aid. The rider was alive and in shock. The folks who stopped for the rider accepted my offer for help right as Air 5 appeared. It was time to get out of the way and turn on my camera.

This occurrence is an example of so many awesome things at work: passersby stopping and staying with the injured, others going to seek help, volunteers lending a hand, amazing men and women from the Forest Service and LA County Sheriff's Department being awesome, and mutual aid between the forest and LA County. To the first responders, this is just another weekend day in The Angeles. The next day, a motorcyclist would hit an oil slick on the road and perish at mile marker 66.50.

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