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Landmark 717 logo Our docu-series details the tug-of-war between civilization and Mother Nature in Angeles National Forest (ANF), an enormous forest in the heart of Los Angeles County WATCH EPISODES  ↓

The Series

Angeles National Forest Fires

Fire Year

Full-Length Episode

A 360-degree overview of fire in The Angeles: the Bobcat Fire, fire season (now being called fire year), climate change, conservation camps, the history of fire fighting, post-fire recovery, and more

Featuring a colorful range of subject matter experts plus firsthand experience and footage of the forest during the Bobcat Fire

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Angeles National Forest Wildland Firefighters

Wildland Firefighter for a Day


This mini-episode follows a wildland fire engine crew for 24 hours, in Angeles National Forest

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Angeles National Forest Prescribed Fire

Prescribed Fire


A mini-documentary episode giving a peek at Prescribed Fire in The Angeles, a topic covered in greater detail in Fire Year

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Angeles National Forest Prescribed Fire

L.A. County Sheriff's Air 5 + Angeles N.F. Resources Respond to Motorcycle Accident


A very short mini-documentary episode showing efforts around rescuing the victim of a motorcycle accident

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Future Episodes

will cover:

Angeles National Forest Pollution and Dumping

Forest Victimization

We are participants and advocates of the Leave No Trace movement and despise the victimization of our forests, like illegal dumping. We'll cover a topic we call Forest Victimization in great depth

Planned Episode: Fire Year (Part 2)

Fire Year (Part 2)

Fire developments and technology are changing quickly in SoCal and The Angeles. This episode will cover prescribed fire, aerial resources, and what's changed since our Fire Year episode was released

Planned Episode: Celestial Discoveries

Celestial Discoveries

A showcase of the relationship between Space and ANF: the observatories, historic discoveries, amateur astronomers, light pollution, how to enjoy the night sky, and beyond

Angeles National Forest Crime, Search and Rescue

Crime + Search & Rescue

What would you expect to happen in a forest located so closely to the second largest city in the U.S.? Missing hikers, street racing, arson, and gang initiations to name a few

Angeles National Forest History


Mount Lowe Railway: A thrilling sensation of its time, this railway's final trip occurred in 1938, but its remnants and history remain

Old Ridge Route: More than 100 years old, Old Ridge Route once featured a hotel, bars, and hosted some of LA's most famous, and infamous

And so much more...

Angeles National Forest Current Events

Current Events

ANF is home to typical forest activities like hiking, biking, and camping, but scratch a bit beneath the surface and you might run into a fascinating music and art movement, amateur and professional astronomers, and travelers on their months-long Pacific Crest Trail journeys. Landmark 717 will introduce you to them

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This docuseries is a love letter to Angeles National Forest, also known as ANF and California State Landmark #717. One can easily observe power struggles between civilization and Mother Nature in this forest, where society is so deeply integrated. Our aim is to share interesting information, images, and stories that inform even the savviest, and ultimately to promote responsible and sustainable use of our beloved forests so they may provide inspiration, humility, and peace to future generations in the conditions they exist in today (if not better).

Landmark 717 is not-for-profit, self-funded effort. Learn more →

ANF Resources

Here are some resources we've found incredibly useful that you may enjoy